6th - 12th Grade

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of sound mind".

2 Timothy 1:7


"To love, lead and equip the youth of Calvary Mt Si and the Snoqualmie Valley to love Jesus and follow Him passionately. And through that relationship they will be able to be powerful witnesses to who Jesus is".


* Combined teaching and separated small groups

4:30 pm - Worship team shows up

6:00 pm - Leaders show up for set up / meeting

6:30 pm - Students show up, hang outs begin!

6:45 pm - Countdown ends, activity starts

7:15 pm - Worship

7:30 pm - Teaching

7:50 pm - Small groups

8:10 pm - Clean up

8:15 pm - Students go home


On Wednesday nights the high school students are taught and worship together with the middle school students and then they separate for small group time.

Sunday morning study 11:00 am - 12:15 pm

The students will first worship with the whole church during the 11 am service and then will be dismissed to head over to the Mt Si Gymnastics for teaching. The teaching is given to both high school and middle school students in an interactive way. Pastor Brock asks questions and engages the students in a Bible study style format.

What are we studying?

On Sundays we are studying the book of Romans, going through it chapter by chapter and verse by verse.

On Wednesdays we are studying what being BOLD in a Christ-like way looks like. We are going through the Bible and doing character studies and examining the BOLDNESS that God gave to people in order to follow, believe and love Him in great ways!


This Theme was insriped by our youth. I have seen the social pressure that they face and I have seen them rise to the occasion and be willing to take a stand for Jesus. I want to help them harness this boldness, by showing them what Godly boldness looks like. It is easy in our flesh to be bold about things in a wrong way, to respond in anger when we are offended, or to shout louder than the voices that are seeking to shout us down. We want to teach our youth to be bold like Jesus. Filled with love and truth, with humility and strength.

We don't want to respond to people's doubts and criticism about Jesus with fear, that either causes us to say nothing at all or to get angry and defensive. But we want to respond to our culture with the power of the Holy Spirit, with the Love of God, declaring the truth with a sound mind. My hope and prayer for our srudents is that their faith would be solidified in the truth of the gospel. That they would be able to stand firm, and fully trust Jesus in all things. That they would harness the passion inside them in a Godly way, and shine brightly for their peers to see.

BOLD basics

Pray: Pray for the students, and teach them to pray. Teach: Teach them the Word of God in its entirety and bring it to a level they can understand. Model: Show the students what it looks like to follow Christ with your life being the example. Worship: Love God with our lives and also through musical adoration. Small Groups: To train up and talk deeper about the things presented in a group that is age and gender appropriate.

December - January Schedule

Dec 4th, Wed - Youth Group 6:30-8:15pm
Dec 8th, Sun - Youth Service 11am Study of Romans 13
Dec 11th, Wed - Youth Group 6:30-8:15pm
Dec 15th, Sun - YOUTH IN SERVICE
Dec 18th, Wed - YOUTH CHRISTMAS PARTY 6:30-8:15pm
Dec 22nd, Sun - Youth Service 11am Study of Romans 14
Dec 24th, Tue - Christmas Eve Service 7pm
Dec 25th, Wed - No Youth, MERRY CHRISTMAS
Dec 29th, Sun - YOUTH IN SERVICE
Jan 1st, Wed - NO YOUTH GROUP
Jan 5th, Sun - Youth Service 11am Study of Romans 14
Jan 8th, Wed - Youth Group 6:30-8:15pm
Jan 12th, Sun - Youth Service 11am Study of Romans 14
Jan 15th, Wed - Youth Group 6:30-8:15PM
Jan 17th, Fri - WINTER RETREAT
Jan 18th, Sat - WINTER RETREAT
Jan 19th, Sun - WINTER RETREAT - Youth in Service
Jan 20th, Mon - WINTER RETREAT
Jan 22nd, Wed - Youth Group 6:30-8:15pm
Jan 26th, Sun - Youth Service 11am Study of Romans
Jan 29th, Wed - Youth Group 6:30-8:15pm

Youth leaders

Middle school leaders

Don Bartley

Gary Nearn

Trista Glore

High School leaders

Julie Warren

Brian Pugh

Merra Gilbert

Pastor Brock Osborn

Worship Leaders

Tanner Webb

Brian Warren